Sunday Fun

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Today has been a great day. It all started out with a huge yummy brunch down the hill at my old haunt with several other teachers and our southern visitor. As usual, we had more food than what we knew to do with (eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes, toast, fruit) ... and of course as usual, the ravens got a nice plate of scraps too.

After brunch, four of us set out on skidoos to go see the iceberg that is frozen in our bay [this is the same iceberg that I skidooed to and climbed last year , boated out to this past September, and watched go back and forth in the bay area here in Arctic Bay for several weeks here, here and here.]

The iceberg has changed quite a bit since then during its time out in the "wild"

And of course, what's a trip out to an iceberg without some insanity?

After the insanity, we all headed home to warm up some before heading out back across town for a Grey Cup gathering .... It was a tense game at times with most of the group cheering on the Alouette's ... the Northern Newfie decided to cheer on the Stampeeders just because some one had to. Sadly, the Alouette's lost .... Northern Newfie is loving his win.