On the Ice Again

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Today a group of us decided to go on off for a nice long 5 hour skidoo ride out to the icebergs on the bay. Our first stop was the iceberg way out at Adams Sound (that we have all climbed up at varying points during the winter). For most of us, our last visit to this iceberg was two weeks ago ... and since then, there has been significant melting occurring, including chunks of ice falling off of the iceberg and visible stress cracks forming in the peaks. A sure sign of Springs arrival (or Global Warming).

Groovin @ the Iceberg

Jumping in the Ice Slush

We climbed the iceberg for a while and got some good group pics, and headed back off towards Victor Point to check out another iceberg ..... and along the way, Kennie got a driving lesson. Yes everyone, I finally learned how to drive a skidoo .... I am hooked. I can say though, that two of us who were on this trip did not know how to drive a skidoo ... so we both got our lessons today. I guess we can say I have been "skidooed-in". Quite a different experience being upfront than a passenger.

Continuing on our way out to the iceberg, we spotted something moving in the distance towards us. We could tell that it was not a polar bear (as it was far too small) ... but we weren't too sure if it was a fox, wolf or dog. So.. being the adventurous people we are, we went to check it out. And what we found was a sled dog who was let off most likely during the last leg of the race as it was injured (as far as any of us could tell, looked like a sprain). Figuring that it hadn't eaten since at least Wednesday (if not Tuesday), we gave it one of our sandwiches and a good belly rub before continuing our trek to the iceberg, Well, this lil pup decided to follow us to the iceberg and joined up with us. Poor lil guy ran after us for a good 10km. We stopped, gave him another sandwich half, another belly rub and hoped that he would follow us back into town on our way back.

We rode along for another 20 minutes before stopping to have a snack along the way (the remaining sandwiches) and to check out some "seal holes" as Monty swore up and down that he saw a seal (yet none of us saw this seal ....). While we were snacking and chatting, we could yet again see a little dot coming towards us in the distance .... the pup found us! And as his reward for finding us .... another piece of sandwich!

Soon it was time to head back to town (as we all wanted to nab a shower before watching the hockey game - which did not happen as CBC is still not working properly up here in Arctic Bay .... ), and we hoped that the pup would follow us back into town. Well, pup was tired after following us all day so he got a ride on one of the skidoos all the way back into town .... and did the pup ever love getting a ride back on the skidoo in the effort to be reunited with the rest of his pack.


Way Way Up said...

Not to be a pedant or anything........ok I'll be a pedant....lol......it should be Adams Sound. The name derives from the first European to sail into the Sound here.

Awesome pictures as always!!

Kennie said...

I'm beginning to think I should be hiring you as a proof reader :-)

down south said...

Still jumping in puddles eh?