Out for a Boat Ride

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Last night a group of us teachers were taken out on a boat by a co-worker and her husband (Thanks so much Geela and Sampson! The trip out rocked!) to see if we could see the killer whales that were visiting us in the bay. Unfortunately, we did not see any whales, but we did get an excellent water tour of the area and even got to partake in some seal hunting ... well, Nick did all of the shooting, we did all of the seal watching. And, no seals were caught.

Although it was a little chilly out there on the bay when we hit the wind, it wasn't too bad. And the sun was shining down on us like there was no tomorrow.

The Bay @ 6:30 PM

Uluksan Point

Iceberg in the distance


Kennie and the Iceberg

An Arctic Sunset

For more pics of the trip go here and scroll down.


Jennith said...

Very snazzy looking blog you have. I love the new banner it makes it all look so professional.

down south said...

Love the pic where you appear to be peering thru a berg/snow looking at other bergs! That would be a great card.