Heading into the deep freeze

Saturday, October 20, 2007
As I do pretty much everyday, I've been throwing on my runners, some thermal underarmour and my running pants and going for afternoon / evening runs while the weather is still relatively "nice" (ie: not needing the parka). So, out I went this afternoon, camera in one hand, iPod in the other figuring that while I was out, I would be able to snap some pics of my students up to no good (hehe) as they love having their pictures taken.

Well.. there was no one outside this afternoon ... and it didn't take me long to figure out why. Although my weather station here in my house was reporting it only being -3.4 degrees, it fails to inform me of the windchill. And boy was there a wind, and was it ever chilly. I think I was the only soul (or crazy) that was outside enjoying some fresh air.

Just to show how cold it is up here.. here are some pictures taken two days apart from each other:

Open, unfrozen water

Ice, on the water....


GH said...

Ice fishing soon !!!