Are those the Northern Lights?

Saturday, October 20, 2007
"What is that way up in the sky.... doesn't look like a cloud .. but it might be.... but how can the clouds be going up and down? and moving around?" This is what I am thinking to myself as I am walking home from Teacher Poker Night. So, picture if you will... me walking down a rather slippery hill, with my flashlight off staring up at the sky trying to figure out if I am just hallucinating, over tired, plain out going crazy, or if that nyquil I took earlier was going a little funky.

As I"m walking down along the road next to the shore, I stop at the breakwater and look up. All I can see is a clear sky, with bright stars and this light wave of light dancing in the sky. As I'm standing there looking up into the sky in awe, I can hear people whistling in the distance. Ah-ha, I think, those are Northern Lights! As I was remembering a story that I was told by one of the Inuks here about when the Northern Lights are in the sky, we whistle to them.

I can now officially say, that yes, I have seen the Northern Lights (although they were not as vibrant as those that other Northern Bloggers have reported), but hey, I saw them! And that is good enough for me. I can now cross another event off of my list.


Rob & Tina said...

Hea there. Found your blog off the other Northern ones I read. Never made a comment before now but wanted to let you know I was reading and am going to link your blog off mine. :) I haven't read far back enough. How long have you been up here? I nearly cried the first time I saw the lights. They are suppose to be very active over the next week so hopefully you'll see more of them!

Kennie said...

Hi Rob & Tina,

I've been up here since mid August ... and it's also my first time in the North. And what an experience it has been!

I thought I was tripping right out when I saw them ... don't really see them all that well in town because of the lights, but I'm heading out to Victor Bay tonight with a couple of others to see if we can see them from there.

Happy reading! and I"m enjoying your blog too.