Ice Fishing

Sunday, October 21, 2007
Today's adventure took me to the water lake with Aletha. When we got there, there were several ice fishers on the water, so we went over to see how the fishing was for the day. So far, the fish weren't really biting, but it was still early (2:30ish). While there, we also ran into Monty and Nick (fellow teachers) who were fishing, so we took the opportunity to do a little fishing ourselves while they worked at opening up another fishing hole.

Expert Ice FIshers

Catch of the Day (not mine)

Frozen Water Lake (and Fishing Hole) and the Mountains

Kennie Ice Fishing

Kennie Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Hole and Fishing Pole


Jen said...

Ice already? I must say I would still be too freaked to go out on the ice this early. If you didn't have those white ice pellets around you I would say Kennie can lay on water!

Kennie said...

I was quite skeptical about going out on the water on Friday (when I first went out) as the lake was pretty open on Monday ... but there were fishers on it and they seemed to be ok.

The only thing that was really freaky about it was that you could see right down to the rock bed under the ice .. but there was at least a good 12 inches of ice out on the lake this weekend.