Travel Update

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Well, it has been a long day s far. I've been up for over 13 hours now (yeah, I know ... got to love it when you only get four hours of sleep the night before 12 hours of flying / airport jockying). And this fog that rolled in late last night was of NO help:

And then of course, there was the grey, overcast, crappy skies of this morning with more fog rolling in over the hills. This really put us all (at least the 7 of us who were heading out today) on pins and needles. We were ... well.. quite anxious to get out. I was more so anxious to get out as I haven't been back home in almost 10 months, and because I need to start coordinating my move to the Yukon!

But, by some large stroke of luck, the skies over Nanisivik were nice and clear (well.. as clear as they could be) and the plane landed (yeah!!!) and then whisked us all off to Iqaluit. And of course, Iqaluit was busy as usual with many flights all landing at the same time with 70% of those passengers heading to Ottawa on the two flights bound south. Out flight was filled with teachers from all over North Baffin (us lucky schools who finish early in the year).

So, that now brings me to now. Where I am slowly getting back in touch with reality, Internet (whoop-whoop! Free Wi-Fi!!! I was able to download an iTunes album in 5 minutes! Not two hours! It was great!). And OMG - I am drinking the most wonderful hazelnut latte from Second Cup right now. You have no idea how tasty this drink is to my taste buds. I am in heaven right now.

Well, Kate and OJ are now somewhere's in the air heading to Toronto ... Monty and Elizabeth are boarding their flight to Halifax, and I'm sitting here at Gate 19 waiting for my flight to board.. which should be soon. Not too sure where April and Nick went, but they did pass by here a couple of minutes ago.

Well, I guess that is all for now ... at least until I get home to NB.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Glad the evil fog monster didn't get you!


Way Way Up said...

It got me

Clare said...

It would appear you left just in time. The weather has taken a decided turn for the worse. Snow, low overcast skies and howling winds.