One week out

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Well, I've been out of the North for one week now ... and boy does it feel strange. The temperatures down here in the south have either been nice and chilly (the way I like it) or disgustingly hot and humid .. well.. to me at least. To everyone else it's just normal early summer weather.

I haven't gotten too much accomplished during my first week out. Sure I managed to buy a new TV and mattress for the Yukon .. and i've done a crap load of laundry (now that I don't have to worry about running out of water halfway through a load) .. and I've picked up my Wii (need entertainment for the North ya know ... besides, it will be benefiting more than just me - ready for Wii weekends Kara??).

I've managed to dig my way through some of the paper work that GYT has sent me ... boy can they make the paper work any more confusing. I've been attaching post-it notes to all papers saying that part of it has already been forwarded to Teacher Recruitment (ie: my CRC and VS .. as it was easier to just run over to the RCMP in Arctic Bay than it would be trying to convince the RCMP down here that I need them not the Fredericton Police to run it).

And I've also managed to book my seat for the flight up to Whitehorse - to which Air Canada better not have a seat sale between now and then or I will be royally ticked off .. although, I did score one of the last two seats on the flight to Toronto to catch the connecting flight to Calgary then to Whitehorse .. so I guess in the end, it worked out. Oh, and of course, I took up Michael's suggestion of the Midnight Sun B&B for the 18&19 and will most likely be crashing at Michael and Fawn's the 20-22 (unless the GYT has arranged for hotels for us new to the Yukon teachers .. as there is this orientation thingy that we have to attend).

Oh, and I've even started repacking and organizing stuff that I'm taking with me to the Yukon ... at least what I brought home and already have in boxes here at the apartment ... looks like this weekend .. or maybe next week will be the dig through the storage locker to red sticker everything that I am taking with me (now if only I could find a volunteer who would like to watch me go completely insane while I decide what I should and shouldn't bring with me to the Yukon ... any takers? Anyone??!!)

Well, must get back to staring at this bus schedule ... gotta figure out how to get myself around this town with no vehicle for the summer (which I might add sucks purple monkey balls) .. but at least my truck will be waiting for me in Whitehorse when I arrive (yeah!).


Jackie S. Quire said...

I saw your new vehicle on Facebook! Congrats Madam vehicle-owner :D

(incidentally, the word verification was "versa" which while not a type of truck... IS a vehicle of SOME kind)

Way Way Up said...

Careful not to run anyone over in wheelchair with the new truck if you're taking it through a Timmie's drive thru.

Kennie said...

Hahaha Darcy - I don't think TH has any worries .. maybe the ppl in line at TH tho (haha).

And I am excited Jackie! I can't wait! I lived without a skidoo/quad up here for two years, I think I "earned" the right to have a truck for the Yukon .. besides, how else would I get around?

Tina said...

No mocking pictures of Tim Hortons blueberry fritters? I'm dissapointed in you. :)

Kennie said...

well if they would speed up their service maybe there would be one :-) by the time I get to the counter I"m so pissed off I can't remember what I originally went there for!