On the Road Again .... er .. In the Air Again ..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Well, if everything went according to plan this morning, I should be in the air by the time this post publishes itself. Today, I am heading back to the homeland. Back to the land of maple syrup, lobster and Alpine. Home Sweet Home New Brunswick. Am I excited? uh... YES! I didn't get down to NB this year for Christmas as well ... 5000$ for 6 days down south just didn't seem to worth it. So I elected to stay up here in the North again for the holiday season.... and am REALLY looking forward heading home for 10 weeks.

But today, oh today. I am in a plane, heading for Iqaluit and then heading to Ottawa, and then to Fredericton, NB. How nice it is going to be to put my feel on maritime soil. To run them through the thick green blades of grass that will be welcoming be back.

As much as I am excited to be going back to NB and then onto the Yukon, I am also sad about leaving Arctic Bay. I have called this small, remote northern community home for two years now. It feels strange to be leaving. But, I have a feeling, this isn't the last of Kennie in Nunavut.

Well ... here's hoping I make it back to NB today ...


Clare said...

Hey Kennie,

Enjoy your new adventures. I had fully intended to get Travis over to say goodbye, but "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Look forward to keeping up with your new adventures in the Yukon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Arctic Bay blog! I look forward to reading about your new adventures in the Yukon.

Kennie said...

Thanks Clare. Oh I know that road very well .. and I did get to spend some extra quality time with grade 1 on Friday where they sang a couple of Inuktitut and English songs to me as a "parting gift" (I totally had to chew on my tongue to keep from springing tears - it was quite sweet).

Thanks Anonymous! I had a great time in Arctic Bay, but we all know that staying in one place too long (at least when you are my age) can be a challenge. Plus, I hope that our new NTEP grads will have as much fun teaching in the positions that some of the southern staff vacated as we did.