The things photographers go through for the perfect picture

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Today while walking home from school, in up in the twilight above the mountains that surround us here in AB was the wondrous sight of the New Moon and Venus. I booted it home and ran in to get my camera and tripod to set it up in the dark behind my unit, the unit across from me and over behind Clare's (as it was nice and dark over there).

Well, I got my ever so excellent picture of the New Moon eating Venus (looks like PacMan chasing after a dot) ... but in the process I managed to not only freeze up my tripod but my hands as well (even though I had my nice and warm gloves on with me).

Once I get my bandwidth back I'll be posting on up photos of the afternoon sky here in AB... but for now, you can head on over to The House and Other Arctic Musings to get a glimpse at what is hovering above us here in AB.