Exceeded my Bandwidth

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well ... it's going to be quiet here on Tales from the Arctic for the next 8 days as I have exceeded my Qiniq bandwidth allotment for the month. How I managed to do this is beyond me, especially considering that half the time I can't even get connected to the Internet 'cause Qiniq is having issues with it's service.

Sigh. Me thinks it might be time to start researching for a new Internet service provider ... if one exists for way up here in the high North.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Poor girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world. I exceed it almost every month, sometimes several times. I just bite down and purchase the extra bandwidth. Some of that is client driven.

I've looked from time to time at the satellite based ISPs, but really it is more expensive, plus there is the equipment. I don't think NW Tel's high speed is available here, but I could be wrong.

Megan said...

We buy more every month. It sucks.

Matthew and Michele said...

We hit the limit last month with a week to go and can't figure out how we did it.

I think Qiniq just randomly selects people in Nunavut and cuts them off. Poor service and spotty connections.

Qiniq is the only show in town here. The satilite connection cost about $500 to purchase and have hooked up here. Unfourtunaltly it is only if they happen to be in town to work at the airport and they didn't have to use the dish they brought with them.


jen said...

This has happened to us too and was total BS! There was no way we were close as we were monitoring it and out of the blue we somehow used 2G in a day with only checking e-mails... wtf?
Good luck in this dark time lol, I say do what Clare does, buy another GB.

Kennie said...

It is soo painful .. took forever for this to load. And I'm not going to give Qiniq the satisfaction of me spending 30$ (or is it 20$) for 1GB ... especially since if I don't use it all in the week, I loose it! No roll over.

And for the life of me I can't figure out how I've maxed out .. when I last checked (Satuday) I still had 700MB to go before I hit the dreaded limit .. and then boom, last night I get smacked with the 'sucks to be you' email. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I had this happen for a couple of months - turned out a newspaper I subscribe to was downloading in the background, getting timed out, and automatically restarting. A gig and a half for a copy of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Jason in Igloolik

Kennie said...

hmmm.... I might have to check to see what I might have downloading in the background ... thanks for the idea Jason.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Pang! Love your blog!!
I've reached my internet limit as well and cannot figure out how that happened. Wish we had another option instead of Qiniq.
Looking forward to more of your musings about life in Arctic Bay. Cheers,

Kennie said...

Hello to you 'From Pang' - glad you are enjoying the blog!

Looks like there are many 'power users' this month for Qiniq ... maybe that should be telling them something - like give us more bandwidth!

Apparently Iqaluit has a new Internet provider called ExploreNet (or something like that) - one of our Arctic College Instructors was telling us about it the other night at hockey - apparently it's unlimited and about the same cost as Qiniq .. maybe in the near future they will spread out to other communities.

Until then, I am doomed to have dial-up speed internet by the last week of the month.