Geek Side Project: Tech in Education

Monday, January 26, 2009
The geek in me needed a side project ... more so of a research project in a way. Since I am a technology educator (and a geek at heart), I love finding new software to use and test out to see if it can be of any use to me personally, to my teaching or my students in class.

So what this this Northern Geek do? Created a new blog. A blog where educators and any one else seeking software that is low-cost / open-source can visit. The whole purpose of this new blog is to search the internet for easy to use, inexpensive / free software that can be used primarily in the classroom, but also for home / work use. Now, no offense to the Windows users out there, but the software I will be featuring will be primarily Mac OS X and Linux based, as these are the OS's that I have access to (unless Dell has an amazing sale on Windows machines .... I can't believe I would consider owning a Windows machine again.... sigh, what is wrong with me?)

For those of you who are interested, head on over to my new Geekdom, Tech in Education. I'm going to be trying to have at least one software review up per week ... more if I'm able to squeeze it in... all depends on how complicated the programs will be.