The Trail that Leads to my Classroom

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
It's always great in the morning, when the unexpected happens (or I guess, in our case, the expected).

This morning, one of my students left an interesting trail down the hallway. Of course, this trail went from the high school wing (which has dark blue tile) all the way through the junior high wing, and into my classroom (where there is off white flooring). One of our SSA's noticed the trail going through the jr. high and was wondering what / who was hurt .... as... guess, what the trail was .... shoe prints of blood.

The trail lead right to my class, (of course it just had to be my class) and there was great concern about this trail as no one was sure if someone was hurt or if it was just from out doors.

Turns out that one of my students was skinning and cutting up a seal before coming to school and stepped in it. Now, there was a lot of foot prints along that hallway - - I'm thinking not so much as stepping in it, but soaking his sneakers in it :-).

It was quite funny. And, as good students, my boys that were in attendance volunteered right away (no requests made) to get the mop and bucket and clean up the trail. Aren't my student's great? Now only if I could get them to clean the classroom after they've made a mess :-).


Kimberlee said...

Isn't it amazing how things that would evoke shock & awe in other regions become almost ho-hum in the Arctic? Good thing that your floors are tile. Carpet would have been another story!

Your students DO sound great! I'm a newbie...what grade (grades?) do you teach?

Kennie said...

Got that right it is amazing what we consider 'everyday' here in the North would be out of this world in the south.

I teach ESL to grades 1 & 2 (my little cuttie patooties!) and high school Reading and CTS (career and technology studies). Next term I'm taking a crack at teaching a grade 10 English class (it will be the "mature" English class a.k.a English 10-2 for those students who have been out of school for a while / repeaters) - should be interesting, considering the curriculum I have to follow. Good thing I know a lot of English teacher in the south who have been sending me resources and teaching notes that they use.

What are you teaching in your neck of the woods?

Anonymous said...

i read that....and like....couldn't even comprehend it. like...nothing, and i do mean NOTHING like that would ever happen here. and by that i mean, the blood of a seal...just like wow. the only american place that MAY happen would be alaska

Kennie said...

yeppers - that would definitely be one of the only places in the USA that this would happen. Well... unless the ice age hits y'all and the seals move south