Just another typical Northern Weekend

Sunday, November 30, 2008
On Friday, our boys soccer team and Darcy made it out of Nanisivik ... and I am assuming to Iqaluit as we haven’t heard other wise. I am sure we will have many stories of the adventure upon their return Monday night.

Saturday ... was, well, a typical lazy Saturday. Did some phone calls, talked to a bunch of people on Skype, finished a book I was reading, then headed down the hill for a turkey supper with some fellow teachers and our two RCMP members. Turkey was yummy as usual and much banter occurred during the hockey game - some how Toronto won the game.

Sunday was brunch day as usual ... and as usual, we had a good feed and the ravens got a pretty good feed too (gotta make sure they make it through the winter ya know). After brunch, I just came home and did laundry, and lounged out ... waiting for the Internet to return.

In good ol’ Northern fashion, our Internet up here has been out since Saturday evening. No idea why it is out - could be that there is a bad storm in Ottawa, could be that when they were cleaning the snow off of the satellite in the south they farked it up. All I know, is that when and if the Internet ever gets back up, we will all receive a nice email from Qiniq apologizing for the inconvenience along with a lame-o excuse as to why we all had to live for the last two days with out Internet. But I am one grateful person for having the Internet back FINALLY!!!