Got Water?

Sunday, August 31, 2008
No, I don't have water. Wanna bring some over?


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I don't miss that truck at all.

Kennie said...

LOL - aww come on .. you know you miss it just a tiny bit :-)

artie said...

I was just looking at a world map and saw all these little dots up around 70°. So I'm looking on the Internet to chat with people up there in places like Arctic Bay, Inlet Pond, Coral harbour, Cape Dorset, Iquiluit, Hebron, Kuujjuaq, Povungnituk, and other villages.

So what, do you speak native languages? How many languages are there in those parts? Geez, I really wonder about what life must be like there.

Kennie said...

Hi Artie

There's quite a group of us here in the high arctic. For languages, in most of the communities it's Inuktitut and English - except for Iqaluit that adds French to the mix. Inuktitut itself varies a little from community to community, but for the most part every one can understand each other.

artie said...

Hi Kennie!
Nice to meet you and thanks for your response. I am quite intrigue by such out of the way places, especially since with the Internet they are not so out of the way.
I think I read in this blog that you have been up there for one year. Congratulations. I read something on the web about time disorientation near the poles and sleep disorders. Sounds logical to me if there are 6 months of dark and 6 months of light. So how do you keep track of time? I suppose that since it's a village, they just set their clocks and keep everyone in gear that way? But does it ever affect the whole village.
You know, it's just amazing that people are living in such a remote place!