Internet Access

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Sometimes I need to shake my head. I'm here right now in the middle of an argument with a friend on MSN who is pissed off that his Internet provider is increasing his unlimited ultra high speed internet connection (I think he has FIOS). Uh ... excuse me ... 55.99$ a month for unlimited high speed internet with a really nice download and upload speed is nothing to complain about boys and girls.

Try being us in the North who are paying either 60$ a month for a 2GB or 120$ for a 5 GB transfer plan (that includes in and out traffic) at a rate of 256 kbps (when it is not peek time) ... once you go over your limit, you're cut back to dial up speeds ... and in the north that's like 24 kbps if you're lucky.

So stop complaining everyone in the south about the costs of your unlimited internet!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Not much better over here! I get 10GB a month, but it is still $60 a month. Damn NWTel.

Kennie said...

That's a little more reasonable than my 5GB for 120$ a month :-)