Day One Back in the North

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Day one back in the North was a busy busy day. It started out with me heading off to housing to see about checking into my new place. Housing was quite surprised to see me actually as they were all told by the housing corp in Cape Dorset that none of us teachers were arriving back in Arctic Bay until August 18th. Uhh .... we have to report back to work on the 18th ... so we will all all have to be here by then. Either way, we took a ride up to my new unit to do a pre-move in inspection. It wasn't too bad. Needed some cleaning and minor repairs .... so guess what I've been doing all day? Cleaning! My bed room and bathroom have been scrubbed down, top to bottom and are ready to be moved into ... tomorrow I am going to tackle the kitchen and the living room while I wait for my volunteer(s) to finish work to help me move up some of the necessary gear for overnighting in my new place.

So, other than a lot of chatting with the boy's in red today and running up and down the hill to get cleaning supplies from my current home to my new home nothing much really happened. Oh, and on the bright side all of my big boxes that I mailed up to myself full of school supplies all arrived here in Arctic Bay! Like last week! I don't think I have ever heard of Canada Post getting anything up here that quickly before! And these were huge ass heavy boxes too!

Everyone in the community pretty much knows I'm back now. It was quite nice this morning at 9:00 AM when I headed out - no one was up or out (other than a couple of us who have to go to work). It was a nice quiet walk up the hill. Gave me some time to sit back and think for a while. The next time I went back down/up the hill to get some garbage bags and Comet to continue cleaning I was bombarded by everyone in the town welcoming me back and having a quick chat. That's what I like about the North. You actually are "missed" while you are gone and are always welcomed back in fashion.

This evening we were (myself and J) going to start moving some of my stuff up the hill so I could begin to "migrate" over to my new place. Well, the weather here today has been pretty shitty. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. It's making walking fun! I was covered in mud from head to toe! I cannot wait for the snow / freezing temps to arrive - no more mud!! So, we are going to try to move things tomorrow. Our (well... my goal) is to have everything moved out by Friday (probably going to be Saturday) that way I can take Sunday to clean this unit a little bit before the new people arrive late next week).

So now, I sit here after getting my Internet (yeah), updating my blog and eating (kinda) my first meal since arriving here. Wasn't really in any mood for food last night or all of today. I'm chalking it up to travel blues - just being exhausted to the max. But even now, as I eat my most favorite food (Chef Boyardee), I don't really feel much like eating. I imagine that will change tomorrow, as I did the same thing when I first moved here too - just too much change in too little time.


Matthew and Michele said...

Welcolm Back!!

Kennie said...

thanks guys! It's nice to be back! Especially now that i've had a good night's sleep and have eaten some yummy foods!

down south said...

I miss you too! Been keeping extra busy with the trip to Vegas. Now that we're back, I have "vacation" blues too! It's called "need to sleep and eat regularily".