Hi Mom .... Need more socks already

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
For the last couple of days I have been cleaning my new unit, which was left in a sorry state when the previous tenant left. And since housing can't find anyone to clean the unit for me, I've decided to just to it myself that way I know it is clean (and I've had plenty of help from a couple of individuals as well - thanks y'all).

So while cleaning I have found:
1 kitchen drawer full of empty bread bags
1 drawer full of bread bag tags
1 drawer full of old mail from the previous tenant
6 cans of tomato soup
3 industrial sized containers of mustard
10 empty V8 bottles filled with water
3 Manitoba phone books
2 Pillows
1 Towel
1 pair of pj's (I think .... I picked them up using the broom handle)
50 plastic clothes hangers
1 wardrobe box filled with garbage
1 half eaten tub of Chip Dip ..... located in the medicine cabinet. Yes, the medicine cabinet. [Darcy, you may now laugh your ass off]

So with all of this cleaning and disinfecting, I've gone through two 3L bottles of bleach, 1.5 bottles of Mr. Clean and one can of Comet ... and three Magic Erasers. But, my unit is now sparkling clean! Yah Me!

But, my poor socks did take a beating in all of this cleaning ... so mom ... if you are reading this, can you send me up more of those ankle socks I bought?

**** Update

I've left the socks soaking in a soapy mixture for a while now, and they are still pretty dingy and disgusting - even with scrubbing and rubbing. I'm just going to leave them over night to soak and I'll see what comes of them ... cause I'm not doing a load of laundry for one pair of socks.


Jennith said...

Oh my! I once subletted an appartment from a somewhat tidy-challanged friend. When I moved into his place I found (I'm really not kidding) 5 pairs of toenail clippers scattered throughout the kitchen cupboards, more than a dozen dirty socks in the cupboard under the bathroom sink, his health card and drivers lisense (oops), unpaid bills and the usual rotting food in the fridge and mouldy dishes. But I think the chip dip in the medicine cabinet tops that thoroughly... Should I be worried that I haven't ordered bleach?

Kennie said...

LOL - probably not Jennith .. this is the most bleach that I have used in a long time. I'm still working on the first bottle I opened last year in my old unit. So, technically, if I wasn't moving, I would still be working on bottle 1.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well at least the bread wasn't with the bread bags/tags!

Kennie said...

haha .. yeah, I'm lucky there .. however, my ex-roommate did leave a loaf of bread here in the unit that I am currently residing in ... I'm sure it was about to say it's first words.

down south said...

Ankle socks... as in the "sport type"? Hope so - I found a bundle of 12 prs. for 9.99 and they are black! If you want white, I'll have to get them!