Adjusting Back to the North

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Now that I've been back here in the North for two whole days, I think reality is setting in again at just how far away from "home" I am. Although I do consider Nunavut my home, there is nothing quite like 'home with the folks'.

So, as this is a documentary of a teacher's life and all of the ups and downs that go with it, here is my list of the 10 things that I miss from / about the south:

#10: The pillows from "my" bed. They were the most wicked pillows ever. I am so buying them if I ever get the chance. Wonder if Sears ships to the North ....

#9: Popsicles. I love popsicles. And by the time they went on sale (like the really good banana flavored ones) I was a week away from heading back North. I tried to eat as many of them as possible. I didn't even make a dent in the stock of them.

#8: Tim Horton's. Enough said.

#7: Driving. I know. As crazy as this is, I miss being able to drive. I miss being able to just go out for a drive for no reason (although i didn't exactly get to do this very much this summer as gas prices were just ridiculous and because my family is now a one vehicle team). But, when I did get to drive (or be driven) it was great!

#6: All of my buddies. We did not get to spend enough time together this summer. You all need to get jobs that don't require working weekdays! Everyone become teachers! Come on! Do it for me! Oh I know your response - move back to NB .... ya never know. Someday I will, but not quite yet.

#5: Long Showers. How I miss long showers already. Going from being able to take nice long, warm steamy showers where I could get a great lather of soap going and actually condition my hair was exquisite! I was in heaven! (or something close to it). Now.. I'm back to my military showers of hop in, get wet, turn water off, lather up as best as I can, and rinse. It's not that bad I know, but, it is an adjustment to go back to my spartan showering habits just so that I can make sure I have enough water in the morning for coffee.

#4: Food. More so the pre-cookedness (as in I didn't have to cook it, someone else did) of food. Now that I am back in the Arctic, I just stare at what I have for grub up here and sigh. I don't feel like cooking, I want someone to cook for me!

#3: Quiet.I miss the quiet of Fredericton and the quietness of the building and area that I was staying in. It was great not hearing screaming kids (and adults) at 2:00AM or the non-stop sound of quads driving by at all hours. Although, this will change once I get moved up the hill. Like right now, someone is outside using a freaking circular saw. Not getting much sleep tonight I guess.

#2: The feeling of home. Although, it didn't quite feel right this summer as my parents just moved into an apartment and out of the house, it still had all of the important elements of home. Not quite feeling it yet here in the Arctic .... probably because I am in the middle of a move.

#1: My mom. I miss her constant fussing over me from this summer. It was nice being home again and fussed over (although, I know at times I did roll my eyes at all of the constant fussing while I was home, I did do appreciate and enjoy it).


down south said...

It was really great having you around too. Made it feel more like "home". Syill getting used to callin his home.