Hike Up King George V Mountain

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Today, as part of year end activities, myself, Monty, Darcy and Nick took grades 7-12 for a hike up King George V Mountain today.

The hike was fairly uneventful, as many of us took our time climbing the mountain; although, some brave youngin's ran up the steep hills to get to the top.

I had never been up King George when there was no snow (last time I was there was when we went skidooing).

The view from up the mountain was spectacular.

In all it was a great trip out for the students, and for us teachers - where else do you get paid to hike a mountain?


Way Way Up said...

Nice pictures! Hope your legs held out better than mine did.

Kennie said...

my legs are doing ok ... but my feet are still killing me. And you got some spiffy pics over there yourself too!