Easter Weekend ... Potluck ... Brunch ... Skidooing

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Easter weekend festivities started off Saturday night with a great pot-luck over at Nick & April's. OF course, with every pot-luck there is usually an over abundance of pasta dishes (right, you are all nodding with me). Not at this pot-luck. We had chili, sweet and sour meatballs, beef stew, fried rice, deviled eggs, greens, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate and ice cream. We ate, talked, and played Crainium while the boys watched hockey).

Today started off with an amazing Easter Sunday brunch at Alehsa and Petra's (we had more food than what we knew to do with ... as usual - Pancakes, eggs, egg-toasties, potatoes, bacon, bacon, and more bacon, apple and orange juice ... and of course, Starbucks coffee - four pots of Starbucks coffee). We (Alesha, Petra, Nick, April, Monty, Myself, John and Kyle) all enjoyed the Sunday grub and all agreed that Jesus would have approved of our Sunday activities. Darcy, you missed a REALLY good feast! (someone wouldn't get out of bed this morning ;-) )

After the delish brunch, myself, Kyle, Monty, Petra and Nick decided to go for a skidoo ride/adventure. The temperature and weather were beautiful for a skidoo ride - only -15 degrees out, little wind, and the sun was up and a blazzin. Off we all went to grab out gear and we headed out into the tundra at 2:00pm .... and didn't come back until 6:00pm. Four whole hours outside skidooing around ... it only felt like one.

And and adventure it was. We headed out towards King George V Mountain, and went up and around it, through the valleys, up more hills, into more valleys and had just a great time. We took some risks, went flying through the air, got stuck in the snow and had a roaring time. When the "boys" wanted to go a little crazier than what Petra and I felt was sane, we would hop off and take pictures, watch the excitement and soak in the sun; although, had I had a helmet, I would have gone up with them for those more risky rides.

At times it was quite exciting ... and nail biting, especially when going down hill and you notice that all of the sudden it isn't a gentle slope down, but a nice steep slope ... ya just hold on, and lean which ever way your driver leans, or when you discover all of the sudden you are a couple of feet in the air as you went over a nice "jump".

Surprisingly (or amazingly) no one rolled or got thrown off their respective skidoos ... although, yet again, I did have to dive off of mine when Kyle and I got stuck in some deep snow on the hill (it was more of a "I should get off the skidoo shouldn't I moment" than a "oh, crap, we're going over aren't we"). So no worries Mom, no skidoo landed on top of me this time. So, in all of my glory, as I couldn't get my foot over the seat in any dignified way, I dived off into the snow, away from the skidoo. We all had a good laugh, and chalked it up to practice for if and when I would have had to drive off the skidoo.

More skidooing pictures from today.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Okay- you have to tell me how you make those collages. Please please please tell me how!

Kennie said...

It's all done with photoshop. I just open up all the pictures I want to use, drag them all over onto a new background as separate layers, resize and voila!. Takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it is all you will ever do.

If you don't have photoshop, there are a couple of Open Source programs floating around that will do the trick (GIMP, CinePaint, Gimpshop ...) or even Photoshop Elements would do the trick.