King George V Mountain in the Morning

Monday, March 10, 2008

How I love the beginning glow of the sun in the morning.


depfife said...

Another beautiful shot!.. Kennie...something I've aways wondered about...people near the North Pole... On Christmas Eve, does Santa Hit you guys first, on the way south, or last on the way back? And does this mean a greater number of presents or less? Thanks! I really really need to know..Your Delaware, coconut hateing friend-Jeff

Kennie said...

Hmm... I think Santa Hits us coming back Eastward after hitting Asia then flies southward towards all of you - lol.

RennyBA said...

This is just breath taking - so well captured!

As a Norwegian, I just love to look of cold, fresh, crispy air and it gets so lively with the sky on fire!

I made a post about it long time ago (but yours are better!):

Kennie said...

Rennyba, yours are pretty spectacular too. And you're lucky as you get to see really good Northern Lights where you are .... I only see them very faintly up here.