Time Change ... Sun Change

Monday, March 10, 2008
Sigh, I lost an hour this weekend. I really needed that extra hour. And time changes have played with our minds here at school all day as most of the clocks here are still telling the wrong time (got to love it when the kids think it's lunch time and it's not). And with the time change, we also got a change in our sun hours. No longer am I walking to school in the light (it's now an early dawn again) ... but at least I get to walk home while the sun is still up over the mountains that surround us here.

This weekend the weather was rather nice (-23 and sunny for most of the weekend).. and what did I do? I stayed inside for the most part vegetating in front of the tube watching X-Files. So much for a productive weekend eh? Oh well, every now and then one just has to sit back and vegetate.


down south said...

Join the crowd! I woke up in the dark (just as I was getting used to daylight at 6:30am) and came home in bright sunshine. I didn't change my class clock. No one noticed! My kids were like zombies today.

Kennie said...

The kids here were awake and rearin' ... staff on the other hand were slightly zombieish ... at least until most of us got a couple of cups of coffee in us.