Arctic Winter Games

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Right now, the Arctic Winter Games are being held in Yellowknife and we have several of our youth competing at this years games. At the Winter Games not only are "modern" games played (basketball, indoor hockey, badminton, snowboarding and speed skating), but also traditional games as well (Arctic (Inuit) games, Dene games, dog mushing, arctic sports and snowshoeing).

The Arctic Games are not just played by those living in the Northern regions of North America (Alaska, NTW, Yukon, Nunavut, Northern Alberta and Nunavik), but also played by those living in the Northern regions of Russia, Greenland and Saami).

You can find out more about the sports and games played at the AWG here, information about all of the countries / regions involved and you can also find out the current medal standings on the site as well.

Photo's of the Arctic Winter Games:
Flickr Site put up by the AWG Youth Photographers thanks for finding this Phil!

CBC North's Coverage of the AWG