This Week in Arctic Bay

Saturday, January 19, 2008
This past week in Arctic Bay has been a crazy one at times. School is going along as usual, other than the occasional power outage that sends the kids into crazy mode. I've begun teaching with my coffee in one hand and a flashlight in the other that way when the power does cut out I can quickly put a light on the "trouble" makers.

Also this week in Arctic Bay it has been ikki (cold)! The winds have picked up here over the last couple of days, and boy-oh-boy is it ever hard to walk up the hill to school when the wind is pushing you back down the ice covered road. We even had indoor recess this week - a first!

My classes are going along quite well. In my ESL classes we have been spending alot of time singing songs and reading stories and doing fun work (since we no longer have a working photocopier, I can no longer do worksheets ... so songs and stories it is!). The kids seem to be enjoying themselves.

My high school media classes are well on their way in the animation module. Most are beginning to work on their cut-out animation project (think South Park animation style).

And my kindergarten kids have been providing me with much amusement as I try to teach them Left and Right. We know we have a Right hand and a Left Hand. And a Right foot and a Left foot, but not that the Right hand and foot are on the same side and vice versa. I'm going to have to bring out the color coordinated socks and gloves I think to teach this little piece of info (lol).

This weekend I have spend most of it curled up on the couch watching CSI, NCIS and Stargate as I'm fighting off a rather bad cold/flu right now (why is it that teachers only get sick on the weekends??). With any luck, it will break before Monday as I would rather keep my sick days for real illnesses.

Back to my series watching.


down south said...

Cold meds are on the way! Drink your neo-citran, and get some sleep. As for why teachers only get sick on weekends.... we don't have time during the week!

anitsirK said...

My Dad always got/gets sick as soon as exams are over each semester. Twice, when I've been home for Christmas, I ended up with bronchitis, because he had it. Never misses a day of work, though. My sister's always been the same way, even though she's not a teacher.