Kristina and Jay - You ROCK my world!

Monday, January 14, 2008

WHEEEEE!!!!!!! My care package from Kristina and Jay arrived today!!!! (I have a feeling, it's more Kristina than Jay, but I'm sure you put your two cents in too ;-) ).

And it was FILLED with tons of GOODIES!!!!!! Coffee (Starbucks at that!)!! Green Tea!!! Oooodles of Green Tea! Chocolate .... lots of chocolate (drooool), Christmas Lights! (can't wait to get these up on the walls), neo-citran (I will be able to sleep! Must get rid of this cold!), Lip butter (my lips thank you), a wonderful spa foot care set (my feet thank you), some pepermint lotion (my skin thanks you), and a ton of incents!

This care pack ROCKS!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!!!!!!


anitsirK said...

YAY! I'm glad it arrived! Sorry there was no Kahlua... there was no more room in the box. ;) Jay helped pick everything out, actually. To be honest, we did most of the shopping in the States. All that incense cost like $8 total (hope you like the scents), and the chocolate and lights were post-Christmas clearance at Target. I hope the green tea is decent.. I bought a giant box at Costco, and I have a fair bit left that I couldn't quite stuff in the box this time round... there's always next time. :) There should be some hot chocolate in there.. it came in a fancy gift pack, and I'll be honest -- I snagged half of it for me. ;)

Kennie said...

Oh yes.... there was hot chocolate in there ..... I just couldn't remember everything as I was typing it. Hey, no worries if there was no Kahlua ... got a buddy heading down south soon for a month and offered to bring me back a "wish" list of items :-) - guess what that list mostly is.

Ahh, Jay, I give the thy credit owed. Good job mate. (hehe.. I can feel the evil glare coming at me through the computer now).

I highly enjoy the scents - burning a vanilla one right now, very soothing. And there is nothing wrong with post Christmas clearance shopping - that's when you find the best stuff!

down south said...

gatee pourrite!! Need I say more?

Kennie said...

I am not gatee pourrite! I'm just being well taken care of by my southern peeps :-)

Anonymous said...

Care packages are so much fun! That is nice of them. But be honest... did the incents affect the taste and smell of the chocolate? That happened to me once. Sweet and disappointing all at once.

Kennie said...

Nope, didn't have any effect on the chocolates, as the incents were quadruple wrapped in plastic and at the other end of the box than the chocolate. So all was good and yummy.