A little Tour of Arctic Bay (Part 1)

Sunday, January 20, 2008
Today being Sunday, I thought I would head on out with my camera and start taking some photos so I can take you, my readers, on a little tour of Arctic Bay. I only got about half-way through the town as the winds up here today are ferocious and quite bitting at any exposed skin (-33 and with the windchill it's at least -40). So enjoy part one of the tour, and I will post up part two when the weather warms up a little more so I can get the rest of the pictures needed.

My Corner of Town

Qamutiiqs on the Ice

Crack in the Ice

Houses and School in the Background

Building resembling Traditional Housing
thanks for the info Clare!

The Health Center

The Northern (our Grocery Store, Bank and Post Office

RCMP Detachment


Megan said...

These are great.

jen said...

Love your new header!

Kennie said...

Thank-you! Thought it was time for a little change .... plus I'm getting VERY anxious for the sun's return .... 18 Days to Go!!!

Clare said...

Kennie, just a note that the building you have labeled as Traditional Housing really isn't. It was a building meant to resemble a qarmaq which is traditional housing, and was originally supposed to be a museum/cultural centre I believe. There is an example of a qarmaq farther down the beach below the Hamlet

Kennie said...

Ahh-haaa - that's what I though, but the kids were so confident with what they were telling me ... I'll fix that up - thanks Clare!