Nunavut Quest 2009: The Video

Monday, April 20, 2009

** yes, I know that there is a huge grammatical mistake in this video ... oopsie. I'll fix it eventually ... maybe .. if I still have bandwidth **

Nunavut Quest 2009: And They're Off!

Today, all of the teams left Arctic Bay heading to Pond Inlet. And what an event it was. We all went down from the school around 1:15pm to watch the mushers and their support teams head off on their four day "cross-country" journey.

And it was a beautiful day out today too! Sunny (I'm even starting to get a tan on my face, as was pointed out to me today by a co-worker, siting the racoon-eye effect that is going on ... and yes, it does look like I've got coon eyes forming too), -10 with no wind! I could have stayed out there ALL afternoon.

The support teams left about half an hour before the mushers did so that they could be well ahead of them and to the first check point to set up camp before their musher arrived.

While mushers waited for the start time, I busied myself with nabbing picutures, chatting with mushers and other locals. It was pretty neat learning about the teams, the dogs and their ages. Average age of the dogs is about 2-3 years .. and most only "run" for an average of 3-4 years before they "retire".

Here's me with a wonderful team of dogs - oh how cute and cuddly they all were! Some of the friendliest sled dogs I've come across while in the North.

Mushers began leaving Arctic Bay at around 2:10 with two minute intervals between departures (so that there is not a huge bottle-necking of sleds and dogs as they leave Arctic Bay and head around the Point.

As usual, I spent my time down on the ice juggling several different cameras that all served a different purpose - why oh why can't DSLRs have video recording capabilities??!!

I'm currently uploading pictures and editing video so stay tuned for those!

Nunavut Quest 2009: From Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet

Saturday, April 18, 2009
For the past couple of days, town has been a little more "crowded" as teams and spectators from Northern Baffin have been arriving here in town for Nunavut Quest, which is set to kick off on Monday. Racers this year will be traveling by dog sled from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet.

This weekend, there has been a wave of activities to help celebrate NQ-09. Last night there was a dance held in the gym, and today there were games on the ice as well as a mini-race for the racers (they went out around the point, out the inlet and hung a right as far as I know and then went on for a couple of kms before looping back to Arctic Bay).

I hiked on down to the ice to see what was going on and to snap some pictures of the activities and dogs for all to see. The dogs were quite anxious to get out and running and we were quite anxious to see them off for their mini-race.

After the teams set off for their mini-race ... we all headed off to play some games... until the teams came back.

After a couple of hours outside in the cold (-10 my *** .. once ya add in the windchill, were back down to -23) I decided to head on back up the hill home as a) I was frozen and b) camera was frozen.

It was a good day outside through, soaked in as much sun as I could while there .. and now I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow as there is going to be a tea party out at the iceberg .. and I'm hoping for even better weather Monday as we (the school) are all going down to the ice for the afternoon to watch the race begin and play games.

Kiddies Sliding down the Hill .. just another afternoon in the North

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
While out on my walk this afternoon after school I was called over on the hill out front of Clare's by a couple of my students as they wanted to show me their mad sliding skils.

Without further ado .. here's some Arctic Bay kiddies sliding down the hill having the time of their lives. Oh how I wish there were adult sized GT's .... cause it sure looks like fun!

Happy Easter Y'all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone ... from the Easter B

Nunavut @ 10

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Last week, on April 1, 2009 we had a day filled with games at school in celebration of Nunavut's 10th Anniversary. A great time was had by all of the students and teachers who organized the games and by the community who participated.

More Photo's of the Day's Events.

Even though it's -20 outside ...

soccer still rules in the road games ... as can be seen in front of my house.

I just hope the ball doesn't come crashing through my window :-)

The Day ... The Music ... Died.

Sigh. I am at a loss.

Any one that knows me knows that I can't get through my day without being able to crank up a set of speakers and rock out (usually in the morning while in the shower ... it just wakes me up - what can I say?) ...

The last couple of days my speaker system as been acting up - not playing audio, popping, squealing and other strange noises emitting from the speakers as my tunes played on. Thinking nothing of it, I just let it be.

Last night my wonderful iPod speaker system let out the screech of death. The noise it made was horrible .. between it and my screaming I'm sure next door was wondering what was going on. Figuring that maybe it was just cranky I unplugged it all, let it sit, then plugged it all back together, said a little prayer to the technology gods and crossed my fingers. Yet again, the screech of death (and I didn't even have the iPod plugged into the system yet). Bummed out at not being able to listen to tunes while reading last night, I left it.

This morning. Same thing. Screech of death mixed in with static of unimaginable proportions. Sigh.It is dead (although power still runs through it just fine, no smoking ... just the screech of death). And now I'm music-less (it's just not the same listening to tunes through earphones all the time).

No idea what is to blame for its demise .. other than perhaps it experienced one too many brown-outs which might have caused something internal to fry ... i dunno.