Happy New Years!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Happy New Years Readers!

Yes, 2008 came in strong and went out strong .. and in good fashion 2009 is coming in strong too. This is just a little note for now as I am beat - just got back in from the gym where we were brining in 2009 just like if we were partying as if it were 1999. It's now 3:45 am and they are still going strong down at the gym. I was nodding off and turning into a walking zombie so I packed it in and headed home.

So here it is, 2009.

More on this mornings events later on today (when I am capable of typing with both hands again).



Jennith said...

sounds like a blast - we had a quiet family evening and I was a sleepy zombie at about 1030... next year I'm going to have a nap on the 31st. I look forward to hearing about northern New Year's Traditions :D