Airplanes and Waterfalls

Monday, January 5, 2009
Well, most of our southern staff that went out for the holidays (minus the Northern Newfie, our SST and our grade 4/5 teacher) made it back to Arctic Bay today .... slightly delayed, but back. So, we of course can start the new term since we have a) enough teachers and b) enough supply teachers to cover for the missing teachers.

However .... someone / something out there (Murphy's Law perhaps?) decided to grant us an extra day off. Some time during the last 24 - 36 hours, one of our sprinkler pipes decided to burst, flooding the elementary wing. I haven't seen the 'damage' yet, but our custodial staff is working hard to get things cleaned up so we can open school as soon as possible. I think I'll be heading down tomorrow to clean up (or at least see what the 'damage' was to) my classrooms. I'm hoping not too much.

At least I get one more day to get my body back on a proper sleeping schedule so I won't be a walking zombie when the kiddies hit my classroom. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably still be a walking zombie. "Brains ..... brains.... need to find brains....."


down south said...

Hope there isn't too much damage!

Kennie said...

naw - I just got wet carpet in my ESL room - no books or resources were "soaked" ... can't say the same for other classrooms though. And most importantly - all of my laptops are dry.