Oh, how I loathe my Door

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Oh, door knob?
Why must you hate me so?
Freezing up and locking me outside is not acceptable.
Neither is locking and then not unlocking.

I have tinkered with you to no end,
Trying to make you work nicely,
Alas, you choose not to work completely.

So I have called the handyman again
and they are going to bang you around until you work.

So yes, yet again, my door knob is on the fritz . I don't know what it is with door knobs these days and me. Sigh. With any luck it will be fixed in a little bit (this is only the fourth call to housing today to get it repaired. Let's see if the fourth time is the charm :-) )

What is my next step? Probably calling up Holmes on Homes and pleading my case for his need to come up North (I know, I can dream and wish).


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem may, and I emphasize may, be with your ventilation. If the house is relatively tight (and given the way most are constructed that would be a surprise) then when you turn on the bathroom fan or stove hood (provided they vent to the outside) then the air has to come from somewhere. The air to replace the air going out the vent has to come from somewhere and it gets sucked in through places like the lock on the door knob, which coupled with warm moist air from the apartment, equals frozen door knob.

Its not often a problem with "home" vents as the amount of air they move is small. In the House, where we have a great honking kitchen hood, we need another fan to bring air in when the hood goes on to keep that from happening.

If you can get a hold of some powdered graphite and spray it inside your lock it might help.

Kennie said...


Amazingly it was the door knob - it just had finally given the go. I took it back off afterwards to try to figure out what went wrong with it as it was more or less working before it was fixed the first time today ... and it was pretty gungy inside. Since I couldn't get it to unlock once it was locked, I figured well.. might as well try calling housing again.

Fortunately, Samuel came up and rescued me tonight and installed a brand new out of the box door knob.

And I have no worries about air getting into my house if I have the fans on as there is a 'vent hole' in my mud room area that was put there last year in the attempts to fix the freezing of the door. Yet this vent hole does nothing for keeping my place warm.

I can now get in and out of my house :-D
I so happy now!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahahah your doorknob knows that you are an evil person, so it is trying to save the world from your presence!

Go Doorknob!!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh! And I dream about Holmes on Homes too. He is hot.

Kennie said...

Me? E-V-I-L??? Nooo... can't be me? :-D

Way Way Up said...

A good poem always works wonders - from my experience.

Kennie said...

I learn from the master of poetry :-P