Welcome to the Wonderful World of Northern DYI

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
This evening I have spent much of my time drying out my door knob (as it has water in it and it is freezing and basically freezing me inside my house - I really cannot get out - ask Darcy).

Between giving it a dose of lock deicer when I got home from work (courtesy of Darcy) and drying it out for five minute rounds every hour or so (as I want to pull out as much moisture in it as possible), I think I might have the problem temporarily solved. We will see how long it takes before I am frozen in (or out of) my apartment again.

Defrosting the doorknob

Creative use of Tuck tape and Ziplock sandwich bag to create a "weather barrier"

Just another day in the wacky world of the North :-)


Way Way Up said...

So that's what the banging was!

Darcy - body slammer, purveyor of de-icer........I also make a wicked creme souffle!

(okay, not really)

Kennie said...

Banging? Uh .... I wasn't doing any banging over here... I thought it was you guys :-)

jen said...

That's a sexy pink hair dryer! lol

Kennie said...

Haha - it's borrowed from a fellow teacher. Why would I have a hair dryer up in the North? When I moved here I had no hair :-) .. well, very little hair.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I was going to comment on the hair dryer as well! Looks like it is straight from 1987.

Very classy looking door knob you have there.

So what are you going to do if it is the humidifier that is the root of this problem?

Kennie said...

Cry - what else? I really don't think it is the humidifier as I only have it on at night when I go to bed and it's basically pointed right at my head. I don't leave it on during the day while I"m at school. I think it was just all of the snow that decided to cake on my door and melt over the weekend dripping into the knob. Time will tell.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Rob doesn't think it is the humidifier. I would suggest rubbing alcohol. You get more for your money than lock de-icer. :)

Kennie said...

Rubbing Alcohol eh? Looks like I might be taking a trip to the health center to get some (as we can't buy it at the Northern up here).