Movie Mania

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Sometimes I really do love Canada Post (but, most of the time..... I'm not too thrilled with them ... well, more to the point, the people that deliver the mail to us up here in the North .. but anyways)....

I got some movie packs from Amazon today!!! And they contain all of the new releases that I pre-ordered! Whoo-hooo!

Yesterday, I got X-Files: I Want to Believe and Wall-E in (and yes, I did stay up all night watching them.. you know, I do have to preview movies before I show them to my students... that's the responsible thing to do ya know :-) ).

And today .. oh, today was excellent! Horton Hear's a Who arrived!

Along with The Cat in the Hat ... and of course, my all time favorite Canadian move: Bon Cop Bad Cop. Gonna have some good movie viewing over the next couple of days (and that's a good thing as there is nothing on tv as of late - got to love the rerun season).

Now... if Hollywood / Produces / Writers are reading this ... how-a-bout making a full-feature film of The Lorax next?


Tina said...

We just watched Horton Hears A Who and the boys loved it! We are also in the middle of watching Ice Road Truckers - Season 2.