Melt Frosty Melt!

Thursday, December 11, 2008
For the last couple of days, we have been on a water conservation order as both of our water trucks are 'broken'. This sent us into the ever so wonderful "I-wonder-when-we-last-got-water" mode. Well ... just as luck would have it we (myself, Darcy and Monty) wound up with an empty tank last night ... which meant the dreaded no shower in the morning (I hate it when that happens) ... and with the no-shower-in-the-morning also comes the 'brushing-of-the-teeth-with-Perier'. It was either that Sprite. I went with the Perier.

Expecting the worse (as in days without water), I brought a couple of hydration bags with me to school today so I could at least have water for the basic necessities (coffee, coffee and coffee).

Hoping that the water Gods were good during the day and there would be water in the tank when I got home was short lived. No water. Sigh. Well, gotta get some water from somewhere so I can flushy-the-loo and maybe, just maybe wash my hair in the morning.

This is how desperate I was:

Melt Frosty Melt!

Just when I figured I'd be melting snow all evening, the most wondrous sound filed the air - the water truck was pumping our tanks full of water! Oh what a joyous sound! And then I started running around gathering all of the empty water jugs and started filling them up.

Hello shower tomorrow morning!


Way Way Up said...

During my year in northern Manitoba, the community I was teaching in was under a "boil water" advisory for much of that year. I resorted one weekend to using snow behind my house to make my morning coffee.

I learned two things: 1. It takes a lot of melted snow to full up a cooking pot, and 2. the coffee I eventually made tasted pretty darn good.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, I suppose.

Kennie said...

haha - exactly Darcy.

I did notice, once it was all melted that there were floaties ... don't think I would've been using this for coffee in the morning :-)

down south said...

So, you strain it, boil it for 5 mins, and its safe. As long as it isn't yellow......

Kennie said...

uhm yeah .... how exactly do I strain it? run it through my britta filter? cause I don't got any fine wire strainer.

down south said...

A facecloth, a dishtowel... just make sure they are clean. Didn't I teach you anything?