Christmas Concert 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008
This evening, we held the Inuujaq School's Christmas Concert 2008 in the gym. We had a full house and many great performances by our students at school - from our pre-school group all the way up to our high school Inuktitut class. Even us teachers performed in our own little skit for the parents and students of Arctic Bay.

I held the dual role of photographer and videographer this year (which was tricky at times) - but I made it out in one piece with 90 pictures and a full tape of footage ... now the fun part begins ... the editing process. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow morning ;-)

Tomorrow, not only marks the last day of school for the year but also Santa's arrival to school! At Christmas time, we give out Christmas gifts to each student in the school (our local DEA organizes the event). The kids love getting their gift, and we all love seeing their eyes light up when they receive it from Santa and then we watch them tear at the wrapping paper. It brings a smile to all of us. Sadly though, this gift, for some, is the only gift that they may be receiving. So it is very special to them.

AND Vacation officially begins tomorrow at 2:30pm! It is going to be a nice relaxing 14 days filled with reading (yes, I am going to get caught up on all of my 'brainless' reading), Six Feet Under (thanks Kara!!!), Dexter and what ever other DVD's Santa brings me.

I hope all of our staff heading southward to the sun, yet still chilly south (haha - it's warmer up here than down there in some places) get out on time with no weather / mechanical delays. I've been called crazy many times this month for not packing up and heading home for the holidays ... but the flight schedule, by the time I even considered looking for flights was pretty bleak (as in I could fly out Dec 23, get home early Dec 24, and then have to be back in Ottawa on Dec 28 so I can fly up North on Dec 29); IMHO, so not worth the aggravation of holiday flying and the cost. I'll just be taking a really nice trip in the summer ... or maybe getting a new MBP :-D


down south said...

Looking at the storms lining up, and the delays predicted as the snow blows in, It could be a crazy beginning to the holidays!
It's best to stay put! We'll keep in touch.

Megan said...

Thanks so much for linking my blog.

I've moved: I'm now at If you could update your link to my site, that would be great.

Thanks again and see you over there!

Kennie said...

All updated Megan! And I love the new site and layout!