Saturday, December 20, 2008
Tonight down on the ice the town had a huge bonfire. Yes I know everyone. A bonfire on the ice. No worries though, as the ice on the bay is at least six-feet thick (if not more) and the fire barely made a dent in the ice too.

At first, I was just going to stay home and continue watching TV ... and since I knew it was going to start around 7:00pm, I figured that it probably really wouldn't start until 7:30-8:00. Well, around 7:00pm I could see a little glow starting up on the ice and skidoos starting to head down onto the bay. I decided, well I probably should leave my 'bat-cave' for a while and see the outdoors again for a bit, and pulled on my outside gear again.

By the time I got down onto the main drag (the road along the bay) the bonfire was nice and big ... now all I had to do was hop along the frozen bay for a bit to make it to the bonfire.

It was a nice little gathering down on the ice with a fairly large group gathering around, chatting, drinking coffee and chowing down on hotdogs (as there was a little BBQ going on as well).

I walked around, followed by a nice gang of kids from school (who all wanted a turn with my camera - I just let them take it now, they love taking pictures - most of the ones here were taken by my little photographers too).

At the bonfire there was a draw going on for 45 liters (or maybe it was gallons ... I can't quite remember) of gas. Now this is a great ticket raffle prize considering that gas up here is around 1.60$/L (from what I've heard). After the draw, the gathering died down pretty quickly with everyone taking off and heading back home for the night.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That looked like fun!! Now send your warm weather over here please.

Kennie said...

LOL - I'll try :-)

down south said...

Please..... don't send us any more snow!