You would think a Gal from the Maritimes ...

Monday, October 27, 2008
would know how to clean and prepare a fish. Right??

Sadly, no. When I was younger I would run from the sight of a fish (salmon, trout .....) being "prepared". I don't know why exactly, but I have a feeling it probably had to do with the idea that it just wasn't some anonymous fish that was being dissected in my kitchen, but one from my fish tank.

So what does a gal from the Maritimes do when she has no idea on how to prepare a fish that she was given on the way home from voting? Visit the next door neighbours and hope they can help (I figured yes since there is a Newfie living there ... but the Newfie didn't participate in this event) .... the star of the night? Darcy.

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Darcy will have more over on his site if they ever get up loaded.

Darcy volunteered to do the deed on this fish .... or with this fish?

Now I've got my fishie nicely cut up into steaks for cooking for the week - yummy!


jen said...

Oh gross Darcy!!! lol
I won't clean a fish either, they are too slimy! Any other kind of meat is cool, just not fish. Smart woman, make the men do the gross work!

Way Way Up said...

Heh, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

We won't even mention the pictures that WEREN'T included. in either of our posts.

Kennie said...

Hehe - but, for a small fee I will mail them to who ever might want them ;-)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well, whether he is doing it on the fish or with the fish it sure sounds dirty! hehhee

Am I the only true northern girl who can clean her own fish? I fillet like nothing else. I also butcher all my own meat.

And I so wish you could mail me some. Looks sooo yummy!

Megan said...

Noooooo! You don't CHOP UP a fish like that!

You take a picture of yourself wearing a parka, with the fish in your mouth like David Hasselhoff in this video. Then you submit it to the Being David Hasselhoff contest!

I know you'll want to watch that video several times -- it is TRUE ART -- and the part you'll be looking for is at 3:04-3:12.

I am looking forward to getting some entries from Nunavut!

Kennie said...

Hahaha Megan! What I wish I had was a picture of me dressed up in my parka and snow pants walking back up the hill with this fish dangling off of my fingers. Now that would be a picture. And the amount of kids that came running up to me going "Kendra fish! Kendra fish!" that was priceless.

Megan said...

I bet you would be GREAT. I don't think I got any entries from Nunavut last time.

Anonymous said...

ok.. now I know why I refuse to clean fish!! EW! LOL!!