Thanks Kara and Hunter!

Friday, October 31, 2008
The other day, Kara posted about Hunter's favorite meal and of course, as some one who has more soup than she knows what to do with and doesn't always want a sandwich with it, but wants something "bready", I inquired about getting the recipe for the dumplings - yes, I know mom. I could have just paid more attention to when you made them too ... but I had more important things to concentrate on at the time :-).

Lucky me Deiss decided to share the recipe with the intertubes and I gave it a crack. Well I managed to fark it up right off the bat. I wasn't paying attention to which measuring cup I was using (since I seem to have lost my 1/2 cup one) and managed to add in 1 cup of milk instead of 1/2. No biggie most people would say, just take the extra milk out .. well.. I already had my egg in the bowl. What is a person to do? I made a double batch of dumpling dough.

I wasn't too sure about this whole dumpling process - I figured well, if I do manage to really mess it up.. it's not like I'm losing too much.. just a can of soup. Luckily for me, the cooking gods must have been watching over me as the end product was delicious! I'm going to see how it works with chicken noodle soup over the weekend ....


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Looks yummy!!! Glad you enjoyed your meal! Enjoying eating your cases of soup.