Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday, October 5, 2008
Winter has arrived here in Arctic Bay ... bringing with it a foot of snow :-)


Alex said...

I'd say "I'm not jealous" but then you could say "you're a big liar", and then I would say "you're right".

It's raining here in Fort Simpson, NT

Kennie said...

Boo - rain! It will soon snow there too :-)

down south said...

I hope you have a shovel!

artie said...
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artie said...

Hello Kennie,

I see on my map that Arctic Bay is in the Arctic Circle. That means that you experience a period of some days when the sun does not rise. When does the sun "set"?


Kennie said...

Hi Artie

The sun right now is setting around 6:30 pm (so right now) and sunrise is happening around 8:20 am. We are losing about 15 minutes of daylight per day. By the end of October, we should be into our dark season.

The darkest day will happen on Dec. 21 (no light what no ever) and then we will start to gain roughly 15 minutes of light per day with the sun finally rising above the horizon around Feb. 6.

artie said...

Wow! That must be a very dramatic experience. So what about orientation? Is that not disorienting or do things just chug along according to the clock? What about the natives who had no clocks until the past century? What traditions are reflected in such a time warp? How did they function with those kinds of conditions?


artie said...

This is an intersting post from November 10, 2007 Sunlight in Arctic Bay