On my way to work this morning

Friday, October 3, 2008
Sunrise is now happening around 8:00 am making the sky wonderful shades of pink, purple and blue. I took these pictures on the walk down to school this morning.

We are starting to get a thin layer of ice building up on the bay now ... looks like winter has arrived :-)


Jennith said...

I'd just commented on how the photo's on waywayup had me hoping that I'd make it to Arctic Bay some day... but I hadn't seen yours yet. Those are breathtaking :D

Sadly, up until today we've had pretty solid cloud cover for the last few weeks. This week so far looks promising. I really hope it stays clear tonight while the northern lights are still good.

down south said...

These are awesome. We don't get skies like this here!

Shelley said...

The light in the north is unlike any I've seen elsewhere in Canada. Each day something different. Beautiful pictures.