Made it to Iqaluit!

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Whoo-hooo was yesterday one crazy adventure!

After finally getting to the airport and getting all checked in, a freak windstorm / blizzard decided to sneak over the mountains and engulf us in a crazy cross wind blowing snow in every direction. And you also know it's good in the North when both the co-pilot and the flight attendant come into the terminal 30 minutes before we are scheduled to take off and announce "Ok, we either leave in the next five minutes, or none of us are getting out of here!". I don't think I have ever seen such a quick embarkment and take off of a plane in the North. And how strong were those winds? Well, let's just say I almost went flying down the tarmac.

We did make it into the air just fine, a little bit of turbulence here and there, but nothing too out of the ordinary for flying in a turboprop plane in the North. And then came the news that the weather in Iqaluit was looking pretty dismal too. Well, the worst that could happen if we couldn't land in Iqaluit is that we are routed around to Kuujjuaq and then ... well, who knows. But, we did land in Iqaluit! Unfortunately, some of our other conference attenders weren't so fortunate as their planes just didn't take off at all. With any luck, they should be arriving today.

It's been a pretty relaxing time so far here in Iqaluit. Wandered around town during the "blizzard", picked up a book to read, walked around in the NorthMart, met up with some of the other teachers and a couple of other stranded people for supper....

It's off to find some breakfast now, as soon the talks for the day will begin.


artie said...

Well, glad you made it. Don't forget to reset your watch. Aren't they on Atlantic Time there?

BTW, are there any native Nunavut bloggers up there? People who blog in the native lingo?


Chris and Jane said...

"Ok, we either leave in the next five minutes, or none of us are getting out of here!".

Brilliant! I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks Kennie.