This is all I got for Today

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
The sun finally decided to come out from behind the clouds tonight just before my walk home .... here it is reflecting off of King George V Mountain as the fog creeps between the valley and the mountain.

I really got nothing to report on tonight ... work was great today - nice and easy going ... kids were ... well ... kids ... and I didn't have any mail :-( .


jen said...

Sweet new header! That photo is HOT!

Kennie said...

Thanks Jen! I was glancing outside last night and saw that - the sun's reflection was just perfect. I didn't even think of pulling on a sweater (or pants for that matter) and just ran outside wearing a T-shirt, shorts and my flip flops. Only once I got outside and took the photo did I realize that it was a tad nippy to be out dressed like it's 30 degrees :-).