Moving Convoys and Pics from the Day

Thursday, August 7, 2008
I'm still working on moving up the hill here in Arctic Bay. Much of this morning I hiked up and down the hill with my hiking pack stuffed with little things (dvd's, loose items...). This afternoon, my buddy extraordinaire and her husband helped me move my left over sea lift up to my new place. Now I am only left with the bedroom stuff, which, if my co-conspirator has the vehicle, will be moved tonight ... if not, Friday, or Saturday ..... or Sunday. Worse come to worse, I will just hire the high arctic transporters and pay what ever they want.

While on my journeys up and down the hill I ran into many of my students from last year, and probably some of my future students for this year. And of course, I nabbed some pics of the happenings around town as well which can be found right here