Let the Road Trip to the North Begin!

Friday, August 1, 2008

As man of you know, I am departing my home province of NB today to begin my four day trek back to the North. Three Days? Why are you taking four days Kennie?? Well, when I was leaving the North for my summer vacation, a round trip ticket on West Jet AND Air Canada from Ottawa to Fredericton (Saint John in the case of West Jet) was over 800$. Now, I don't know about you, but 800$ to be crammed inside of a sardine can was a little off kilter for me. I was left with a few options: hitchhike - which would have been an adventure in itself, rent a car in Ottawa - and then convince them that my Nunavut Drivers license is not fake, or take the bus. Well ... hitchiking was sketchy, renting a car was 500$, and taking the bus was 200$. Me being all economical as I had some serious "tea" drinking to do over the summer, chose to take the bus.

Well, well, well .... many of you have probably heard of this story that occurred in Manitoba.

After hearing that news, I was beginning to think well.. maybe I should just get a plane ticket eh? Then of course, reality set in and said "so... what's stopping the same thing from happening on a plane/train?". Not much. And then of course... "well I could just drive back to Ottawa" ... right.... and have to navigate the insanity of Quebec roads during construction season? I'll take my chances with the bus.

So here I am, getting ready to head out to catch my bus to Ottawa tonight, three bags in tow...... and a cary on with a brick :-). Where will I be sitting, up front I do say.

Take care everyone! I'll be back with pics and more ramblings of my adventure in about a week! (hopefully .... might be a while before I can get the internet again - we all know what it's like in the North :-) ).


Jennith said...

If the person sitting beside doesn't decapitate you (or smell like they haven't showered in their entire life), then the bus is awesome. You actually get to feel the distance you are traveling and when you look out the window you can actually make out the interesting details (rather than stare at the tops of clouds) and it gives you a big old chunk of time to read and think and just relax... Have a lovely and safe trip. I look forward to your pictures of Arctic summer.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

hehe just make sure you have a bigger knife!

Kennie said...

LOL Kara - I figure if I have to my MacBook Pro can be used as a weapon .... or maybe I can just brush them to death with my sonic toothbrush?

jen said...

I can't believe that actually happened in Manitoba. However I believe the quota for savage bus murders has been filled up for the month, so I'm sure you'll be ok. I'll be thinking about ya though ;). Have a safe trip.