Second Northern Tour of Duty Approaching Fast

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
My summer has ended as quickly as it arrived. The end of the school year came to an end before I knew it - it did not feel like 10 months. Now, my summer vacation has also ended ... and it sure did not feel like 7.5 weeks. And that is probably because I barely had any down time between going on road trips, random all night gatherings, day trips, shopping for supplies and bouncing around getting all of my health needs taken care of. Where did my summer go????!!!!

Friday, I depart for Ottawa by bus .... yes, another 14-16 hours on a bus. What does one do to pass the time on an overnight bus trip other than sleeping? (as I know I didn't sleep for more than three hours on the last trip - and that was the part between Ottawa and Montreal that I slept on). Myself, I am loading up my carry on bag with many traveling essentials - iPod loaded with music, laptop full of TV eps, PSP with plenty of games to keep me entertained, a book to read, and of course snacks for the trip.

Once I get to Ottawa, i'll have a couple of days of visiting relatives (that I didn't get to meet up with on my trip down south) before catching my plane to the North Aug 4. Part of me wants the flight to be canceled and other parts don't ... it's kinda strange. I want to get back home to the North so I can experience a Northern Summer (as I am returning almost a full two weeks before everyone else) and get back into the Northern groove (and of course, move up the hill to my new place)... but at the same time, I'd really like to just stay down here in the south and chill for a couple more weeks. I know I'm not the only one to feel like this as a teacher (or as a southerner now living in the North). It's hard to explain how I feel ...

But, I am excited for my second year in the North. I'm almost considered a veteran now!


Jennith said...

Happy travels... I can't believe how fast things have gone either... I've been compiling a 3 page to do list... I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get back up there.

jen said...

hey hey welcome back north (says me who is currently way south right now)! i sent your package to arctic bay, so have a look for it. if you ever meet me in person feel free to kick my bum for beeing a horrible procrastinator lol. it will probably be there before you are however! have a safe trip back home to the north! ;)

towniebastard said...

You lasted a year as a teacher in the north. You *are* a veteran. This will be my wife's fourth year at her school and I think out of a staff of 30 there are only a handful who have spent more time at that school.

Oh, and welcome back to the north.

Way Way Up said...

Dang! Look at all those fancy widgets and gizmos you have up on your blog. I'm insanely jealous.

Buses aren't bad but again this is coming from someone who's spent a lot of hours this summer travelling on crazy winding roads on a bus.

And yeah, after a couple years you pretty much are a veteran. I cringe to think of what that makes me though.

And oh yes, welcome back new neighbour. See you in a couple weeks.

Kennie said...

Hey Darcy - glad to hear that you're still traveling around Europe! And have Internet access :-). I'm not too worried about the bus ... It will just be a great blog post if something does happen ;-)

See ya in a couple of weeks!