Back to the grind

Monday, August 18, 2008
Today everyone was our first day back to work (well.... for most of us here in AB - some of our teachers are on an 'extended vacation' as they have been weathered / mechanicaled out of AB; but they should be here soon ... hopefully by Thursday at the latest. Today was mostly staff meetings and getting classrooms set up. I decided to tackle my high school class / media lab today. It's mostly set up and ready to go. Just gotta dig the computers out of storage and put some stuff on shelves and print off my curriculum documents so I can have them on hand. Tomorrow, I"ll be working on getting my elementary classroom set up (the classroom that I only see 40 minutes out of the day). I"ll get pictures posted for the curious once I get everything set up.

And of course, just to make my Monday even better, my water tank decided to go dry while I was in the shower this evening after my nightly run out to the dump and back. Just FAN-TAS-TICK!. Cursing I wrapped my soapy head up in a towel and called the water and poop trucks, as I wasn't too sure if it was the water tank that ran out or the poop tank that was full that caused my water to pitter out. Fortunately, both the water and poop truck came within a half hour or me calling. YAHOO!!! And no, sorry everyone, no pictures of me with soapy sticking up all over hair. Camera batteries were dead :-(. Next time, I promise.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Awww come on. We need some pictures of you running around like a crazed woman with a towel on your head!

Kennie said...

As I said, next time! And there will be a next time, I guarantee it!