Arctic Bay, August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Chris & Jane said...

Hi Kennie!

How is life in Arctic Bay? We have no snow in town yet but winter is definitely creeping down the mountains.


Kennie said...

Hey Chris,

Things are going well here in Arctic Bay - other than half of our high school teachers are stranded in another community! LOL. It's nice being back here in the Arctic (and away from that +30 heat of the south). Most of the snow is now located only on King George ... but it's sure nippy here - in no time we will have 'real' snow. All is well in Greenland?

Chris and Jane said...

Life is good here in Uummannaq. We are well into our second week of school and all of our staff have now arrived - we had some delays too.

It is getting colder. The nights are drawing in and, yes, our streetlights are beginning to light up too. The sledge dogs can finally start to cool down after a reasonably warm summer.