Rekindling Relationships .... er Addictions

Thursday, July 17, 2008
For the most part, most of us living in the North (who are originally from the South) do get to travel southward every now and then. Some of us more often than others, and some of us get to stay out longer than others.

For many of us, we all have our weaknesses / what is the first thing I am going to eat when I get south. Big Mac's, Quarter Pounder's, Whopper, Starbucks, lobster, fresh fruit ..... and Tim Horton's. We (and I may not be speaking for all of us in the North), but for the most part, we all have a serious Timmy Habit ... and we all love sharing our relationship rekindling with each other as we have our first cup of Timmy's in the south. As nothing - and I mean nothing, tasted better to me than that first freshly brewed cup of Tim Horton's at 5:45 AM .... well... maybe except for these fresh strawberries I have been eating non-stop for the last week.

Today however, I have been sent of a special mission .... a mission to attack a blueberry fritter. A mission given to me by none other than Tina from Just Below 63.

So here's for you Tina - me enjoying that blueberry fritter! Hope you get to enjoy one too soon!


Megan said...


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

oohhh that seems pretty cruel to poor Tina! You had better ship her one express post.

Kennie said...

Haha - if I knew it would get there in relatively good shape I so would.

And hey, no crueler than the big mac pic we all got from Tina!

Way Way Up said...

Hey now! That's just mean!