On the Road Again

Thursday, June 19, 2008
June 18 8:35 PM

I’m sitting here on the bus headed towards Montreal (we just stopped off in Turcotte??? to drop some passengers off) and we are heading back towards the highway now, about 30 min outside of Montreal.

The trip thus far has been pretty uneventful. It’s been nice just sitting back watching the trees go by. The weather has been very good for traveling - no rain! As it poored down on Ottawa just as we were heading to the bus station to drop me off.

Once I get to Montreal, I’ll have about a 30 min “layover” before I board the bust to get to Riviere-du-Loup ... and then another transfer to the bus that is heading towards Fredericton at 4:00 am (lucky eh?).

I’ve been taking video footage of the trip so far, so once I get back to NB and find my camera cables, y’all will be getting a little video of my trip home from Ottawa.


Made it Montreal in one piece ... it was touch and go for a while when an idiot driver decided to pull out of a street side parking space RIGHT in front of us. The Montreal bus station is even more complicated than the one in Ottawa. At least in Ottawa all of the arrival and departure gates are all in a straight line. Montreal? No. In Montreal fashion it has to be complicated. Now, if my bus tickets had on them what gate I was supposed to go to I would have had no problems. But no. No gate numbers on the tickets. So we have to crowed around a TV screen to try to figure out what gate we go to pretty much based off of destimation and departure time. I found my gate ... and surprisingly we are a packed bus headed towards Riviere-du-Loup and by the sounds of it, there is only a handful of us getting off the bus there to transfer to the one headed towards Fredericton, while this bus continues on towards Moncton. Crazy eh?

Well it is dark outside now, so I won't be able to get really good footage of the trip home, but with any luck I might be able to see some UFO's lurking around in the dark.

Another six hours on a bus ... then another transfer

June 19, 3:40 AM

We have just arrived in Riviere-du-Loup .... have I managed to get any sleep while on the bus? About an hour of it ... the rest of the time I have just been staring out the wind listening to tunes. Sleep seems to elude me right now - and no, it is not because of the caffeine in my system, my last cup of java was at noon yesterday - so that is not the reason. I blame it on not being able to find a comfortable position in this seat. We are soon off and headed towards NB with many little stops along the way ... should be an interesting morning - only another 6 (5 if we consider the time change when we hit the Quebec-New Brunswick border).

5:29 / 6:29 AM

Well looks like we've crossed the border between Quebec and New Brunswick ... and the only reason I know that this happened is because all of the road signs are now bilingual. Great how you can tell you are home :-)

6:45 AM

We are here in Edmonton (Edmonstun??) right now for a quick stop ...... and of course a coffee break! Timmy's!!!!!! It has been a long 10 months without my morning Timmy's fix. Yes, I do have coffee in the North (of the Starbucks variety), but there is just something about having that morning coffee in the brown cup, especially if it is combined with a Boston Cream :-).

7:45 AM

Driving along the highway .... green trees all around and the occasional deer and Mountie. Oh it is nice to be "home". Now all I have to do is hope that my iPod will last the last three hours of this trip - don't got much for battery power left ... and I've already drained my nano .. looks like draining the rest of my MPB battery might be next.

8:00 AM

Here we are in Perth-Andover for a breakfast stop ... hmmm.... more coffee and a Klondike Bar - breakfast of champions I tell you! 8:40 AM we hit the road again!

9:45 AM

Alright! an RCMP welcoming committee! Don't know what exactly happened on the road, but traffic is backed up and there are Mounties all over the place ... hope they aren't doing a search of vehicles right now

10:10 AM

Ohhh.... we have made it to downtown Freddy Beach! Off to bed I soon head! Yeah!!