I'm off again ... this time by bus

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Well, I've been down south for almost a week now ... and I am just beginning to feel "normal" - the malls don't amaze me anymore, the produce section at the grocery store is normal, and I actually can sleep in the dark - I know, strange but true, I got quite used to sleeping in the light.

Tonight I am heading back to good ol Freddy Beach by bus - 14 hours on a bus ... should be pretty interesting, especially since I have two transfers to make to make it all the way home. With any luck I won't get on the wrong bus, and my luggage won't get onto the wrong bus either .... although, I can't remember if I have to claim my luggage at each stop or if they automatically move it for me ... hmmm... guess we will find out when I get to the bus station eh?


Jennith said...

I don't know if you'll get this in time - but as an experience buser to Fredericton - you'll need to grab your luggage (and drag it at least half the length of the Montreal Bus Station (and that is a long way). In Riviere de Loup - sometimes you don't change busses and sometimes you do (they usually have 2 or more leave Montreal and condense the remaining passengers in Riviere de Loup in the middle of the night) - in any case you'll need to move your own luggage and make sure it gets put on the right bus, but you won't have to move it too far.

Kennie said...

Yeah, I asked that question once I got to the station in Ottawa - it's been quite some time since I've taken a bus - prefer flying, but wasn't going to pay the insane price they (Air Canada) wanted for a ticket.

Wasn't too bad ... until I got to Montreal and had no clue where my bus line was - and not like they were really helpful there either. But I made it back to Freddy! And that is all that really matters.